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United Future manifesto costs breakdown

As of August 14, the cost of United Future policies amounts to $4.7b (or $2,737 per household).

United Future has proposed to build a Ngauranga Gorge Tunnel. Using the per/km costs of the Waterview Tunnel, this is expected to cost $2.66b.

United Future’s tertiary education policy will cost $1.9b over the next three years. The policy involves abolishing all tuition fees as well as student allowances. The Government currently subsidises approximately 73% of tuition fees. So increasing subsidisation to 100% will cost the Government an additional $2.8b over the next three years. On the other hand, removing the student allowance will save taxpayers’ over $1.5b over the same period. However, it must be expected that these students will now require living costs. The Government writes-down 44.3% of living costs as an expense (due to interest-free repayments and bad debts). Therefore the living cost uptake will cost approximately $683m over the next three years.

Other policies include doubling the Refugee quota ($125m over three years) and a Freshwater Research Fund ($10m per year).

The proposed Flexi-Super model is designed to be revenue-neutral.

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