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Not good enough: Council’s rates hike one of largest in the country

The West Coast Regional Council’s proposed 27% rates hike is being slammed as one of the largest increases in the country.Commenting, Local Government Campaigns Manager for the Taxpayers’ Union, Sam Warren, said:“Due to either an inability, or unwillingness, to find savings within its own operations, councils continue to burden ratepayers...

VICTORY! Government to increase medicine funding 💊

Dear Supporter, First the good news: moments ago, the Prime Minister announced that the Government will be increasing funding to Pharmac by $604 million (that's nearly $300/household) over the next four years for essential medicines like cancer drugs. But, to our astonishment, the Government's media release gives absolutely no indication of...

Charities Commission needs to act on Manurewa Marae

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the Charities Commission to open an investigation into the new allegations relating to Te Pāti Māori’s alleged campaign use of a charity’s van, as reported by TVNZ’s Q+A yesterday.“The Charities Commission has previously come down like a ton of bricks and deregistered charities for advocating...

More "Research" grants (the second in a series)

Last week, I emailed you about some of the ridiculous wastage of taxpayer money by the Health Research Council. We received an absolute barrage of emails in response – with 99% having the same reaction as us: things need to change in Wellington. I promised you there'd be more to...

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Tip Line

Often the best information comes from those inside the public service or local government. We guarantee your anonymity and your privacy.