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UPDATE: Fund Medicines, not Movies.


I have a major update to our campaign to get the Government to scrap the film and video game subsidies and redirect that money to fund medicines like cancer drugs.

Last week, Jordan and I were with the team at Mystery Creek Fieldays and ran into Finance Minister Nicola Willis! Jordan used the opportunity to interview her and press the issue. 

Jordan put our campaign position to Nicola Willis, and she did not rule it out. In fact, she said that there would be continued "reprioritisation of spending".

I am writing to ask for a few seconds of your time to send an email to Nicola Willis urging her to act now and prioritise funding for medicines like cancer drugs over corporate welfare for Hollywood rich-listers and and gaming executives. 

Nicola Willis discusses cancer drug funding

Watch Jordan press the Minister on why she is prioritising funding movies over medicines. 

Elsewhere, Ms Willis has claimed that there simply isn't enough money at the moment to stick to her pre-election promise to fund the cancer drugs. But looking at her spending priorities, it's clear that there are areas where money could be spent much better.

It's about priorities, Minister

National's promise to fund the thirteen cancer drugs that are available in Australia but not here would cost around $70 million a year. 

This year's budget committed more than $100 million a year towards subsidies for the film and gaming sectors. 

It doesn't take a political scientist to work out what's wrong with that picture...

📧 Fund medicine, not movies 📧

This is about saving lives

I wanted to be the one to lead this campaign because this cause is near to my heart. Like most New Zealanders, I have friends and family who have needed access to life-saving or life-extending treatments for terrible diseases.

Email Nicola Willis to fund Pharmac

Sometimes, they have been lucky enough that the medicine they need is funded by Pharmac. But sadly, in too many cases they have had to forego the best treatment because there has simply not been enough money in the Pharmac kitty to fund it.

Will you send an email demanding change?

It is a reality of life that the best way to get money for the things people expect their taxes to go towards, like medicines, is through economic growth. More prosperous countries have more money to spend – that is the long-term solution to ensuring everyone gets the treatment we need.

But right now, we don't have that privilege and many of those suffering from treatable diseases simply cannot afford to wait. That means that we must ensure that every dollar the Government is spending is put to the best possible use. Funding subsidies for movies and gaming do not meet that standard – and we say it's time for it to go. 

Redirecting film and gaming subsidies towards Pharmac isn't just the economically responsible thing to do, it's the morally right thing to do. 

I have already written to Nicola Willis, but it is people power that makes things happen in politics. Will you take two minutes to send an email to the Finance Minister urging her to make the right decision? 


Thank you for your support.


Connor Molloy
Campaigns Manager

New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Ps. With enough people-power we can win this campaign. If you know anyone who would also be willing to email Nicola Willis, click here to forward them a link to our email tool. 

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