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Petition: Nationwide rates freeze for pandemic response

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The Government is currently prioritising economic relief for businesses and households facing economic calamity. Most local councils, however, are planning significant rate hikes.

Rate hikes at this time of economic turmoil will increase financial stress for households and undermine the Government's relief strategy.

Households and businesses are cutting costs and it is only fair that councils do the same — we must all cut our cloth to fit the new economic reality.


"I call on my local council and all others to defer rate hikes for at least 12 months in order to aid economic relief in the face of COVID-19."

Who's signing

Michelle Rudgley
Dirk Hudig
Laryssa Spence
Jiajia Chen
Bryan King
Elizabeth Devine
Wgc van der Steen
Anish Raj
Michelle Rudgley
Keith Bond
Debbie Parker
Steve McCann
Andrew Snowball
Brendon Austin
David Ireland
Steve Wrathall
John Penman
John Murphy
Laraine Barker
Gerlinde Stradwick
Marjon Dufrenne
Willem Pitel
Adrian Coysh
Richard Treadgold
Andrew Snowball
Malcolm Lochhead
Clare Fletcher
Max Shierlaw
15,000 signatures

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