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Logo Competition Winner


Logo Competition

We can now reveal the results of our TVNZ/RNZ Design a Logo Competition. The percentage of first-preference votes received for each design was as follows:

  • Option A – Green Ferns Design: 29.4%
  • Option B – Kōrero – Aotearoa's Conversations Design: 5.1%
  • Option C – Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Black Design: 25.6%
  • Option D – Ministry of Truth / Willie Jackson Design: 35.8%
  • Option E – Aotearoa Public Media White Design: 4.1%

The design with the most first preferences was therefore Option D – Ministry of Truth / Willie Jackson Design.

Ministry of Truth

We were, however, using the single-transferable vote (STV) voting system for this competition – a system that may soon be compulsory for all local councils if the recommendations of the Government's review panel are agreed — so we were required to eliminate the lowest-ranking logos and redistribute their preferences until one logo had over 50 percent of the vote. The preference transfers are shown in the graph below:


The final round was between the Ministry of Truth and Green Ferns designs and the result was the following: 

  • Option A – Green Ferns Design: 55.1%
  • Option D – Ministry of Truth / Willie Jackson Design: 44.9%

Therefore the Green Ferns design is our winner—overtaking the Ministry of Truth / Willie Jackson Design on transfers in a nail-biting climax—and its designer will win our $300 prize. Just goes to show what STV can do...

Green Ferns

This was really a bit of fun, but it was to make a serious point. The TVNZ/RNZ merger will cost the taxpayer millions, including $3 million on branding alone while undermining the range of different voices in New Zealand broadcasting. We need more diversity of opinion in our media—not less. 

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