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Government continues to throw taxpayer money on housing bonfire

Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result is what the Government is doing with housing – the Budget reboots the failed KiwiBuild model for Maori housing.

Jordan Williams, a spokesman for the Taxpayers’ Union, said:

“Once again the politicians are crying crocodile tears about my generation not getting into housing. Instead of tackling regulatory taxes and housing supply, they’re taking the easy route and writing yet more cheques with other people's money.”

“Economists don’t agree on much, but nine in ten tell us the housing emergency is caused by lack of supply, councils and the RMA. In opposition, Labour committed to abolishing Auckland Council’s metropolitan-urban boundary – which makes Auckland housing land so unaffordable – but in government they’ve not lifted a finger."

“The only mention of RMA reform is an announcement of $132 million for back office Wellington bureaucrats to spend the next three years planning yet more plans.”

“The expensive failures on housing are set to continue.”

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