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Taxpayers’ Union Launches Major New Campaign to Stop David Parker’s Central Planning Committees

The Taxpayers’ Union is today launching a major new campaign to protect NewZealanders from higher building costs, more red tape, no local control and more co-governance that would result from the Government’s proposed replacement to the Resource Management Act.

Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, said:

“We never thought we’d be defending the Resource Management Act but David Parker’s proposed replacement is much worse than the problems it is trying to fix. It replaces NewZealand’s biggest regulatory tax with an even higher one based on co-governance and central planning.

“Undoubtedly, reform of our bureaucratic resource management system is needed but tying productive New Zealanders up in even more red tape will only slow development, increase the costs of housing and doing business, and will make our country less attractive as a place to invest — ultimately this will make our country poorer.

“These proposals along with their ill defined, and often conflicting, ‘system outcomes’ would lead to expensive, drawn out court battles while people try to figure out what any of this even means. Lawyers and consultants are already rubbing their hands.

“Not only will these proposals mean more costs, but with decision-making powers being ripped away from democratically accountable councils and placed in the hands of unelected so-called ‘Regional Planning Committees’, environmental and community outcomes will be worse off too. Local communities, with the right incentives and financing vehicles, are best placed to make the decisions that directly impact them.

“This will be our most important campaign yet, our country’s local democracy and prosperity depend on it."

The Taxpayers’ Union has launched a new website and petition opposing these reforms at: www.handsoffourhomes.nz

Hands off our homes: Stop Central Planning Committees merchandise and roadside banners can be purchased at www.taxpayers.org.nz/shop

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