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Taxpayers’ Union Annual Review Released

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has today released its annual review, covering the last 12 months of operations.

The report is available online here. Hard copies are also available on request.

Taxpayers’ Union Chairman, Laurence Kubiak, says:

“Between the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union and our sister group, the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance, our campaigns in the last 12 months have attracted more than 200,000 subscribed members and supporters. While we are proud of the work standing up for taxpayers, there is still a lot more to be done.”

The Union’s Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

“There are hundreds of organisations that campaign for more government spending and a higher tax burden. The Taxpayers’ Union helps balance that debate by exposing government waste, fighting for more effective government spending, promoting the benefits of lower taxes, and championing more transparent government.”

“This Annual Review reflects our change in mission late last year – from Lower Taxes, Less Waste, More Transparency to Lower Taxes, Less Waste, More Accountability.  Without democratic accountably efforts of pressure groups to change the hearts and minds of New Zealanders – not just for the Taxpayers’ Union but our equivalents on the Left of politics – are useless.  For the Taxpayers’ Union, like many who rely on persuasion and leading public debate, proposals to decouple public policy and public services from democratic accountability represent an existential threat.  We are proud of the work we have done in Three Waters, for example, to defend democracy.”

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