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How we are fighting the war on government waste and making the case for tax cuts in 2017

Three years fighting for taxpayers

The Taxpayers’ Union has today released its annual review, covering the last 12 months of operations.

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The document concludes what has been a busy, and effective, year for the Union.  Our combined effort exposed, fought, and defeated the awful 'Taniwha Tax’ in Auckland; blew the whistle on the government’s programmes of corporate welfare; and, most importantly, held the politicians and bureaucrats who waste taxpayers money to account.

Our plan ahead 

But there is much more to do.  The Kaikoura Earthquake make our arguments for ensuring taxpayers get value for money in all areas of government spending even more important.  For example, infrastructure spending should be put to the best use possible. We cannot afford to continue to plough money into rail if the economics doesn’t make sense, and that money would be better spent on a more secure national highway network or more coastal shipping. 

It’s the role of taxpayer groups like ours to ask some of those difficult questions and, if necessary, challenge the sacred cows of New Zealand politics.

Tax cuts

Assuming the quakes cost around $3 billion, there is still plenty of room for tax cuts in next year's budget.  At minimum New Zealanders should be compensated for the hidden tax hikes that have occurred under the current Government because of fiscal drag – where inflation pushes income earners into high tax brackets (resulting in the average tax rate increases over time).  We’ll be fighting for you to make sure these measures are legislated next year - rather than just election promises liable to be traded away as part of costly post-election coalition negotiations.

We hope you are as proud of our achievements as we are, because they could not have happened without your support.

Thanks to all our members, donors and supporters who make our work possible.

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