Lower Taxes, Less Waste,
More Accountability

Championing Value For Money From Every Tax Dollar

Our vision is a prosperous low tax New Zealand with efficient, transparent, and accountable government.


We want our politicians spending money as if they'd worked as hard as the taxpayers who earned it and believe that new taxes should only be introduced when there are equal decreases in other taxes. We believe in a fair and efficient tax system. We are not a political party nor aligned to any.

The aims of the Taxpayers' Union are:

  • To reduce wasteful spending by central and local government;
  • To increase transparency and accountability of government spending;
  • To increase institutional checks on government spending;
  • To enable New Zealanders to easily scrutinise government spending;
  • To lower the tax burden on New Zealanders; and
  • To promote evidence based public policy.

Our mission is to seek lower taxes and value for money from every tax dollar.

We promote sensible restraint of government expenditure by:

  •  Scrutinising government spending;
  •  Publicising government waste;
  •  Arguing for an end to corporate and union welfare; and
  •  Promoting an efficient tax system.

If you agree with our objectives, join us.

Join Us

Joining the Taxpayers' Union costs only $25 and entitles you to attend our annual conference, AGM and other events.


With your support we can make the Taxpayers' Union a strong voice exposing waste and standing up for Kiwi taxpayers.

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