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Petition: Scrap Labour’s Ute Tax

UPDATE: In a stunning victory for Taxpayers, thanks to all your support, the Ute Tax has been scrapped. 
Everyday Kiwis have had their voices heard, and the new Government made getting rid of this unfair subsidy for the elite
a top priority - including it in their 'First 100 Days' list of changes. Good on you New Zealand. 



Thank you to all who signed!



In 2021, the Labour Government, with help from the Greens, slapped an unfair new tax on ute owners to subsidise electric cars.

Now, they are increasing this tax by up to $1,700 per purchase. 

Labour's Car Tax unfairly hits low and middle-income New Zealanders, in favour of wealthy inner-city urban elites 🥂 who want to buy Teslas.

Utes could be taxed up to an extra $6,900, while some luxury electric cars, such as entry-level Teslas, will have up to $7,015 knocked off their sticker price.

Robin Hood would be turning in his grave.

📣 Tell Labour that you want their ute tax to be scrapped. 🙅🏻‍♀️


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