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john_key.jpgMP's pay should be fair

John Key says that he disagrees with the Remuneration Authority's decision to give backbench MP's a 5.5% hike in pay to $158,000. But he's been saying that each of the last four years there's been a hike.

Enough talk - time for action

Even with inflation running at close to zero,  backbench MPs got a $8,500 boost. We say its time for the Government to appoint a representative for taxpayers onto the Remuneration Authority to resist these enormous annual pay hikes.

Sign our petition asking John Key to appoint a representative for taxpayers' onto the Remuneration Authority.

Who's signing

David Ong
Russell Dilloway
Dave Bufton
Marty Bougen
Spencer Marshall
Rick Curach
Shantelle Pakuru
Graeme Bain
Wayne Ashton
Hannah moore
Rolf Rompelman
Hugo Ellmers
Hayden Smith
Jean johnson
Jean johnson
Bob McMillan
Bob McMillan
Sean Parkinson
Row Graham
Clive Fernandes
Clive Fernandes
Lynette Westcott
Lance popata
Warren Garner
Warren garner
Tracy Rovers
Karen Tuhiwai
Alana Winn
Tracy Tatlow
Zoe Reed
500 signatures

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