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NEW POLL: Overwhelming majority of New Zealanders want Easter trading restrictions repealed

A new Taxpayers’ Union – Curia poll has revealed that an overwhelming majority of New Zealanders think shops should be allowed to open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday if they want to do so.

Voters were asked: “Most shops are currently forced by law to close on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Would you support or oppose allowing shops that want to open on these days to do so?”

64% of respondents were in support of giving shops this choice, while just 27% were opposed. 9% of respondents were unsure.

The full polling report can be found here.

Commenting on the poll, Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“Our Easter trading laws are archaic and not representative of what New Zealand should be in the 21st century. What right should the state have to ban people from working or doing business due to a religious day they may or may not observe?

“Unnecessarily burdensome rules like this drive up the cost of doing business during an already challenging economic environment. The rules are also particularly harmful for casual workers who need every extra dollar they can get in the current cost of living crisis. Preventing them from working effectively robs them of a day’s pay.

“MPs will have an opportunity in the coming weeks to support this sensible change through ACT MP Cameron Luxton’s Member’s Bill. We urge them all to do so with the knowledge that most New Zealanders are behind them.”

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