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Petition: Keep the Napier-Taupo road 100km/h

Google mapsNZTA is planning to cut the speed limit on the entire Eskdale to Rangitaiki section of the Napier-Taupo road from 100km/h to 80km/h.

This change will impose a massive cumulative time cost on millions of journeys between Napier and Taupo. The only winner will be the Government, which gets the revenue generated by speeding tickets.

We're calling on local Labour MP Stuart Nash to join us in telling the Government to stop this change. Taxpayer money should be spent to improve the quality and safety of our roads not to slow Kiwis down.

"The Napier-Taupo highway should remain at 100km/h, with safety improvements."

Who's signing

Hedley Berge
Stacey Gray
Russell Mann
Ruth Dillon
Steven McKay
Heidi Gillingham
Desire Watt
Shadae Howard
Tegan Tostevin
Meara Tostevin
Ryan Tostevin
shane sullivan
Simon Waterer
Nick Grace
Gary Sun
Jessica Topp
Tom Steel
Alex Nairn
Bj White
Sandra Law
Christine Nimon
Sandi Fotheringham
Dilshan Siriwardana
Raphael Cruz
Sophie Hammond
Darryl Burling
Anna Morris
Wayne Mcgifford
Macushla Rielly-Ngaia
Bec V
15,000 signatures

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