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Budget 2024: $2.6 billion down the drain for no climate benefit

Budget 2024: $2.6 billion down the drain for no climate benefit

The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming today’s continuation of a number of Labour’s climate change initiatives as economically and scientifically illiterate.

Taxpayers’ Union Head of Campaigns, Callum Purves, said:

“This Government is supposed to be one that understands the Emissions Trading Scheme. Under the current cap and trade system, any reduction in emissions in one sector will simply free up room under the fixed cap for emissions elsewhere under the ETS’s fixed cap model.

“Simon Watts has swallowed the James Shaw cool-aid and is more focused on looking like he is doing something rather than actually reducing emissions at the lowest possible cost.

“This Government is milking taxpayers with its clean heavy vehicles corporate welfare fund that will see the likes of Fonterra receiving millions for absolutely no environmental gain.

“There is no need for the Government to be involved in EV charging. So long as they remove regulatory barriers, there is plenty of financial incentive for private companies to build and operate EV charging infrastructure. Again, this will have no environmental benefit.

“If Simon Watts doesn’t understand – or, worse, is just ignoring – the basics of the Emissions Trading Scheme, it would be better for both taxpayers and environment for him to be replaced with someone who does."

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