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With your support and the contributions of thousands of individuals who care to make a difference, the Taxpayers' Union exposes government waste and stands up for Kiwi taxpayers.

All funds donated on this page will be used for advertising to put pressure on the Government and show that there are countless better uses for $685 million than a bike bridge.

You can also donate via internet banking (details here) – please drop us an email so we know what funds we have available.

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John Scheerhoorn
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Yii Sen Wee
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Wiesje Eagleton
Michael Gething
Michael Pether
Phil Haslemore
John Jenkins
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Gary Martin
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Richard Munford
Gillian Somerville
Gilbert Johnson
Peter Jones
Bryan Preston
John McCarthy
Christine Jansen
Matthew Parrish

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With your support we can make the Taxpayers' Union a strong voice exposing waste and standing up for Kiwi taxpayers.

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