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Taxpayers' Union reveals donation fund for COVID-19 relief

After inquiries with Treasury, the Taxpayers' Union has confirmed that New Zealanders can voluntarily donate to a Crown receipts account to assist with COVID-19 relief, reduce the burden of debt for taxpayers, and avoid the need for new taxes.

The bank number is 03-0049-0000327-25, and a copy of the deposit clip can be viewed here. Treasury requests that donors include the name of the payee and purpose of payment e.g. “Covid Donation” in the reference fields. Donations unrelated to COVID-19 or any specific purpose can also be made but “donation” should be included in the reference field.

COVID-19 is set to saddle future taxpayers with a massive bill for the current health response and economic relief programme. We're pleased to learn there is a mechanism for New Zealanders to pitch in extra on behalf of those less able to pay.

Some commentators have used COVID-19 as an excuse to call for punishing new taxes. Those people can now put their money where their mouth is and voluntarily give to the Government.

The Prime Minister should publicise this option at her next press conference. We are confident that a number of patriotic New Zealanders will step up and contribute.

New Zealanders who can't stomach giving any extra money to the Government may alternatively consider a donation to their local Taxpayers' Union.

The full email chain between the Union and Treasury can be viewed here.

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