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Cliff Robinson petition - call for Ministry to pay the arrears

Surely this is why we pay tax


As covered by last night’s Sunday programme, now in his 80s, Cliff Robinson still catches fish to help feed his family. He has looked after his own disabled children for 50 years.

Mr Robinson is clearly a loving parent who has spent 50 years looking after his disabled children. In doing so, he has demonstrated everything a National government is meant to believe in: personal responsibility, family values, parental love, self-help and individualism.

The Ministry’s actions in not backdating the $160 per week they cut from the Robinsons, and other families in the Funded Family Care Scheme, shows how skewiff the Ministry’s priorities are.  Wellington bureaucrats can find billions for corporate welfare, millions for questionable arts and sports sponsorships (including funding of America's cup, and golf tournaments), and even fit out offices with $140,000 television screens, but penny-pinch those in the community most in need and deserving.

People like Mr Robinson should be given an award, not shafted by the Government. Even just in financial terms, his decision to dedicate his life to caring for his two children would have saved the taxpayer millions. The very least we can do is help him enough so he doesn’t need to worry about putting food on the table.

This is what makes government wasting taxpayers money so immoral. If we don’t have a public welfare and health system to support cases like this, why do they exist at all?

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We call on the Ministry of Health to backdate the $160 per week they cut from the Robinsons, and other families in the same situation, which the Ombudsman concluded was 'unreasonable' and 'unfair'.

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