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Taxpayer funded advertising campaigns on lifestyle issues

Every year the Government wastes millions on advertising campaigns telling responsible New Zealanders how to live their lives.  Drive Social (the one to remind you that drivers are people) and the latest 'No Beesies' campaign cost more than 4.2 million alone!

Surely there's better things to spend money on!

3beersies.jpg drivesocial1.jpgstop3.jpg

Sign our petition and we'll send a message to the Beehive to stop this nonsense. 


The Government should stop spending millions on advertising campaigns promoting common sense.

Who's signing

Maria Artho
Jim Scott
Paul Chamberlain
Mike Du Plooy
David Croxford
Stephen Thoms
Stephen Thoms
Daniel Bond
Lukas Schroeter
Ken Tod
Ken Tod
Andrew Neilson
Geoff Maxwell
Paul O'Donoghue
500 signatures

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