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Apology from LGNZ

The Taxpayers’ Union has accepted a settlement and apology from Local Government New Zealand President Dave Cull relating to public statements he made about the accuracy of the Taxpayers’ Union’s local government league tables, ‘Ratepayers Report’, and honesty of the organisation. While we make no apology for our research being hard hitting and won’t shy...

Should Bob Simcock resign?

Today's Waikato Times covers our call for Waikato DHB Chair, Bob Simcock, to follow his disgraced Cheif Executive, Nigel Murray, and resign for the lack of oversight and expense scandal, we've been bombarded with feedback from our members and supports in the Waikato region on the issue. We've been looking into...

How much will this election cost you?

We've had a great response to our full-page newspaper ads which ran across the country yesterday. The figures are based on our election policy costing "Bribe-O-Meter" which is based on the parties’ own estimated costs of their policies and they have been tracked and verified by our own independent economists. The...

Barrie Saunders appointed to Taxpayers' Union Board

Well known former Wellington lobbyist and former journalist, Barrie Saunders, has been appointed to the board of the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union. Barrie retired from the government relations consultancy, Saunders Unsworth, in March 2015, after 25 years as a government relations consultant.  The company specialises in the management of public policy issues...

Bribe-O-Meter Update: Adding Up the Cost of Potential Government Coalitions

In the final Bribe-O-Meter update before the election, the Taxpayers’ Union has put together the combined manifesto costings for a range of potential coalitions. These figures will allow voters to gain a better understanding of the fiscal implications of a potential Government over the next three-year parliamentary term. This week we have put together all the...

Bribe-O-Meter running red hot (Week 9)

Another week of expensive election promises typifies the penultimate weekly Bribe-O-Meter update. The Green Party and TOP are this week’s big movers, each with over $3 billion in new spending announced in the past seven days. Other m overs include New Zealand First (a further $1.5 billion) and the National Party ($500...

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If you know of an example of government extravagance, waste or misspending, we want to know about it! 

Often the best information comes from those inside the public service or local government. We guarantee your anonymity and your privacy. We ask for your contact details only so we can verify the information. We will usually use the information you provide to seek details under the Official Information Act from the relevant government department or council. To report government waste, you can use the form on this page or email tipline@taxpayers.org.nz.

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We are New Zealanders who have formed a union to stand up for hardworking New Zealand taxpayers. We represent the common interests of all taxpayers and aim to become New Zealand's largest union.

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The Taxpayers' Union stands for value for money for government spending. We want our politicians spending money as if they'd worked as hard the taxpayers who earned it and argue that new taxes should only be introduced when there are equal decreases in other taxes. We believe in a fair and efficient tax system. We are not a political party, nor are we aligned to any.

We promote sensible restraint of government expenditure by:

  • Scrutinising government spending;
  • publicising government waste;
  • Arguing for an end to corporate and union welfare; and
  • promoting and efficient tax system.

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Joining the Taxpayers' Union costs only $25 and entitles you to attend our annual conference, AGM and other events.


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Tip Line

Often the best information comes from those inside the public service or local government. We guarantee your anonymity and your privacy.