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Would you give your own money to the Clinton Foundation?

Following on from our blowing the whistle on the Government earmarking another $5.5 million of NZ Aid money to be given to the Clinton Foundation over the next few years, we’re sorry to report that the Government is refusing to veto the extra spend.

Last week it was reported that the Clinton Global Initiative would be shutting its doors. Nevertheless, Kiwi taxpayers are still on the hook to fund the separate (albeit affiliated) Clinton Health Access Initiative.  The $5.5 million is in addition to the $7.7 million already spent.

So here at the Taxpayers’ Union, we thought we’d gauge public opinion on what people in the street think about millions of their taxpayer money being used to fund the Clinton Foundation’s charities.

We asked Wellingtonians whether they’d be willing to park with their own money and donate to the Clinton Foundation.

We spent a day asking people for their views and to donate.  We couldn’t find a single person was willing to give their own money to the Clinton Foundation, or its charities.  Only about one in twenty thought it was a suitable use of taxpayer money.

It’s time to send a message to politicians like Minister McCully that our money isn’t a political play thing.

Click here to sign the petition calling on the Government to veto the extra funding for the Clinton Foundation affiliate.

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