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Robertson “no new taxes” fib 2.0: the new tax to fund astronomical unemployment benefit

The Government’s attempt to bury the new Social Unemployment Insurance Tax (SUIT) is a nasty budget surprise for middle income Kiwis who won’t get a thing from this year’s Budget, says New Zealand’s largest fiscally conservative grassroots group, the Taxpayers’ Union.

Speaking from the Budget Lock-up, Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, said:

“If you’re not a beneficiary, don’t qualify for the new Maori housing subsidies, and don’t take the train, the only thing in today’s Budget is this new employment tax."

“Details are scarce. It’ll be similar to ACC levies and will tax employment.  Combined with the series of benefit hikes, it only further reduces the incentive to work."

“Paying people to sit on 80% of what they’d earn in work is nuts, but that’s the stated objective of this new scheme.”

“It is little wonder Budget 2021 has unemployment falling, but the forecast cost of benefits skyrocketing.”

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