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Taxpayers the real losers from Grant Robertson’s Rugby World Cup final attendance


The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming the decision of outgoing Prime Minister Chris Hipkins to send Grant Robertson gallivanting across the world to attend the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris, a decision that was also endorsed by incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“While taxpayers are struggling to get over the line each week with finding money for their grocery bills, the two major party leaders have decided to penalise them even further by forcing them to fork out for a big score for outgoing Sports Minister, Grant Robertson – tickets to the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris this weekend.

“Despite campaigning on a promise to cut wasteful spending, it appears National may already be getting too excited about the prospect of the baubles of office and is unwilling to put a stop to what is expenditure that is frankly worthy of a red card. If Ministers want to go on a lavish jaunt across the world to attend expensive sporting events, that’s their right but it should be paid for out of their own $300,000 salaries, not by taxpayers.

“It’s time to kick extravagant and wasteful spending to touch rather than leaving taxpayers feeling like they’ve been stuck at the bottom of a ruck with front-rowers Robertson, Hipkins and Luxon rubbing dirt in their face just for the fun of it.”

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