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Taxpayers' Union Calls for Probe into Commission's Favouritism for 'SenateSHJ'

The Taxpayers’ Union’s Investigations Coordinator, Oliver Bryan, strongly condemns the recent revelations regarding the Commerce Commission’s engagement with SenateSHJ, a public relations and lobbying firm. “The Taxpayers’ Union finds it utterly unacceptable that the Commerce Commission, a regulatory body entrusted with ensuring fair play in the market, has seemingly allowed a lobbying firm to gain advantageous access. This firm, SenateSHJ, according to its own website, represents clients in the oil, gas and energy sectors – the very industries the Commission is supposed to regulate impartially.”

“When a regulatory body allows a lobbying firm - representing the very interests it is supposed to regulate - privileged access, it undermines public trust and questions the integrity of the regulatory processes."

"By embedding SenateSHJ directly inside the Commerce Commission and providing them with official resources, the Commission has effectively allowed a lobbying firm to infiltrate and potentially manipulate regulatory processes. This is a blatant conflict of interest, undermining the Commission’s role as an unbiased regulator and betraying public trust.”

“This situation is not just a matter of poor judgment but highlights a concerning breach in the ethical standards expected of such a regulatory body. It gives the impression that certain companies, through their lobbying representatives, might wield undue influence over the regulatory framework that should, in principle, treat all entities equally and fairly.”

“Adding insult to injury, despite the Commerce Commission’s $1.7 million expenditure on communications staff, they still felt the need to consult external companies like SenateSHJ. This decision not only questions the capabilities of the Commission’s internal team but also highlights a wasteful overlap in resource allocation.”

“We call for a thorough investigation into the nature of the relationship between the Commerce Commission and SenateSHJ. It is imperative to ensure that no undue influence has been exerted on the Commission’s decision-making processes. The public deserves transparency and reassurance that regulatory bodies like the Commerce Commission operate without bias or preferential treatment.”

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