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NEW POLL: National/ACT could form government comfortably

National increases 0.1 points on last month to 35.0% while Labour drops 0.6 points to 26.5%. ACT is up 1.3 points to 14.3% while the Greens are up 0.7 points to 12.7%.

The smaller parties are NZ First on 3.9% (-1.9 points), the Māori Party on 2.9% (+0.4 points), TOP on 2.7% (+1.7 points), New Conservatives on 0.8% (+0.2 points), Vision NZ on 0.5% (-0.6 points), and Outdoors and Freedom on 0.2%. (-0.3 points).

National and Labour are both up 1 seat on last month to 45 and 35 seats respectively. ACT is up 2 seats to 19 while the Greens pick up 2 seats for a total of 17. The Māori Party is up 1 seat on last month to 4. NZ First would win no seats in Parliament (-7 seats).

Had NZ First hit the five percent threshold, the Centre-Right would still be able to form a government, but only just (61 seats).

The combined projected seats for the Centre-Right of 64 seats is up 3 on last month and would allow them to form a Government. The combined seats for the Centre-Left bloc of 56 is up 4 on last month. 

More detailed results, including polling on which party is best at dealing with particular issues and favourability ratings of different politicians are available on our website. 

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