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Politicians pontificating on pay-rise policy

Crocodile tears

This morning we called the bluff of MPs, some of who are crying crocodile tears in the media about their pay hike. We wrote to each asking whether they will be accepting the backdated pay increase.

We asked each MP the following: 

Dear Member,

Given various public comments that yesterday’s determination by the Remuneration Authority is unnecessary or unjustified, we seek your clarification by 5pm tonight whether you will be: 

a)    accepting the increase in pay and back-pay;

b)   refusing the amount (or refunding it to The Treasury); or

c)    giving the amount to a charity.

If you intend on giving the money to charity, please specify which charity.

The responses we received have been quite disappointing. One National MP was quick to respond with a one-letter message, “A”. We also received an odd response on behalf of all Green MPs.

Rather than answer our questions, the Greens provided a few points as to what their policy would be for the Remuneration Authority and future payments to MPs.

That’s all good and well. While their proposed solutions differ to ours, it would undoubtedly see a reduction in the rate at which pay rises occur. But what good is proposing a solution unless you practice what you preach?

When we pressed them further, the Greens refused to say what their MPs would be doing with their pay increases. We can only assume that despite their policies, they will be pocketing it.

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