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Petition: Don’t change the name of Hamilton City Council

HCC logoOn Thursday, Hamilton City Councillors will be voting on whether to request a report on the process for changing the Council’s name to Kirikiriroa City Council, as well as seeking iwi feedback on the change.

We say the Mayor should be dealing with Hamilton’s rates crisis, not spending even more ratepayer money on something completely non-essential.

These types of vanity projects are costing ratepayers across the country – in 2016 Auckland’s tourism agency spent $500,000 updating its slogan. We must send a message to mayors across New Zealand that they are paid to serve ratepayers, not to craft legacies for themselves.

I oppose the use of ratepayer resources on a proposal to change the name of Hamilton City Council, and call on the Council to find measures to save, not waste, ratepayer money.

Who's signing

Morgan Eades
Michelle Stevens
Ray McKendry
William Nicholson
Trudi Eaton
Alice Ross
Nikita Furneaux
Rebecca Pearse
Jen Tan Chin-Turingan
John Dodd
Rob Billington
Sandy Johnston
Jessica Rayner
Rebecca Hughes
Matt Bennett
Regan Hall
Cherie Inman
Andrea Rollander
Bianca Anniss
Anikha Shepherd
Leticia Koschany
Ravaani Ghaemmaghamy
Jacky Corkin
Savannah Olsen
Nathan Chalecki
Phil Beuning
Danielle Gibbs
Pauline Anderson
Jemma Lewis
Ryan Smith
2,000 signatures

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