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Petition: Government should not intervene on side of Ihumatao protestors

Police at Ihumatao

Taxpayers need ‘full and final’ to remain full and final. The Prime Minister and Auckland Council should firmly inform Ihumātao protestors that they will not be intervening to buy the land or otherwise cut a deal.

The disputes surrounding this development have already been addressed by the Maori Land Court and the Environment Court. If the Prime Minister overrules these authorities and cuts a deal with protestors, it will be open season as other groups realise they have a chance to relitigate old grievances.

The $2.2 billion in taxpayers money paid out in settlements so far will have been for naught, with untold more spending on the cards.

Petition: "Full and final treaty settlements must remain full and final. The Government should not intervene on the side of Ihumatao protestors."

Who's signing

Joanna Gillette
Michele Ashby
Chris Hughes
Elizabeth Devine
John Penman
Graeme Martin
Terence Nash
Chris Hughes
Kirstin Eccles
Steve Wrathall
Joanna Gillette
Phil Linklater
Denise Lawrence
Brendon Pallesen
Kathleen Ross
Michele Wilks
Maurice Speirs
Robyn Parkinson
Denise Lawrence
Dietmar Dyck
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