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Revealed: Holiday motorists being slammed by fuel taxes over summer break

The Taxpayers’ Union can reveal that taxpayers will be paying in 48.08% of the pump price in fuel taxes these summer holidays and in Auckland the figure is 50.22% thanks to the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax.

Driving a 2014 Honda Accord with petrol costing 266.6c/L (278.1 c/L in Auckland), taxpayers will be paying $76.74 in fuel taxes for a 60-litre refuelling.

Commenting on these figures, Taxpayers’ Union Policy Adviser, James Ross, said:

“Families and holidaymakers gearing up for their summer holidays have got a nasty surprise for them waiting for them. Despite many having to scrimp and save all year during a cost-of-living crisis to pull together enough money for a well-earned Christmas junket, the taxman isn't going to make it any easier.

“Wellingtonians heading out of the city up to Taupo will have to stump up $86 in fuel taxes straight into the Government coffers. Those fancying a rave in the sun at Rhythm and Vines are instead looking at over $120 just in tax to get there and back again.

“Christchurch residents journeying to Queenstown for a scenic getaway will certainly be feeling the burn of nearly $110 in fuel taxes alone before any other costs have even been accounted for. If you fancy a bit of fishing down in Milford Sound then you’re looking at over $170. Let’s just hope you’re not planning on towing your own boat down.

“For Auckland residents, it’s much worse. The regional fuel tax adds on an additional 11.5 cents per litre (including GST).

“Holidaymakers rifling through their wallets for a spare ten bucks for some fish and chips will have the government to thank when all they find is dust and moths. While families struggle to afford a holiday, it’s saddening to remember that instead of being spent on improving the roads to at least make the journey more tolerable, much of the fuel tax revenue is spent on areas completely unrelated to roads.”

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