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Petition: Cut booze tax for COVID recovery

CheersThe hospitality sector has been hammered by COVID-19 lockdowns and deserves support to bounce back. Now that bars and restaurants are back in business, the Government should kick off the summer with an immediate commitment to refund or eliminate all alcohol excise paid by hospitality operators for the next few months.

Aucklanders have been stuck getting drinks delivered from off-licences for 100 days now. Discounted drinks at bars and restaurants would get New Zealanders out to support the establishments we’ve been cheating on during lockdown. And many of us will stick around to pay for meals and pub snacks.

This idea is an economic no-brainer and a political winner. New Zealanders love happy hour. Let’s make it last all summer.

The elimination of alcohol excise would result in:

• $0.77 off a 500ml handle of 5% beer.
• $2.73 off a 1.8L jug of beer.
• $0.58 off a 187.5ml glass of 13% wine.
• $2.33 off a bottle of wine.

I call on the Minister for Small Business to eliminate or refund excise tax paid on alcohol from on-license venues while hospitality recovers from the effects of COVID-19.

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