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Petition: Audit & Risk Committee for District Councils

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Our 2017 Ratepayers' Report identified Otorohanga and Grey District Councils as two of only three councils in New Zealand who continue to govern without an Audit and Risk Committee.

Waitomo District Council was the third council this list, but their recent establishment of an official Audit and Risk Committee, saw them join the rest of New Zealand in following best practice. It's now time that these two councils did the same.

According to LGNZ, Audit and Risk Committees provide councils with:

  • Internal control framework and financial management practices;
  • internal and external reporting and accountability arrangements;
  • and financial risk management.

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These committees act as safeguards for ratepayers as they advise the council on how public money should be spent and help to identify and mitigate the risks that local bodies face.

For little to no cost, Otorohanga and Grey District Council could save millions in ratepayer money. It is in the best interest of all local ratepayers that their District Council has an accountable committee to ensure their hard earned money is being used effectively and efficiently. 

We say that the lack of an Audit and Risk Committee is a lack of transparency. Both Otorohanga and Grey District Councils should have a dedicated committee to oversee all future investments. If you agree, add your signature below.

"We call on both Otorohanga and Grey District Councils to introduce an Audit and Risk Committee so as to ensure that their council's financial decision making and management of risk is at least equal to the rest of New Zealand's councils."

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Sharel Kokshoorn
Michele Beach
Peter Duynstee
Colin Probst
Fabiano Gatto
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