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Who We Are

We are New Zealanders who have formed a union to stand up for hardworking New Zealand taxpayers. We represent the common interests of all taxpayers. We want to become New Zealand's largest union.

The Taxpayers’ Union is entirely supported by people like you. We receive private donations from our thousands of members and supporters.

We have never received, and would never accept, government grants or any other taxpayer-funded subsidies. That means that we can maintain a much-needed independent voice, but it also means we rely totally on individual supporters like you to fund our work.

We gratefully accept legal donations from anyone wishing to support our work, but note that our policy positions cannot be influenced by donations.

We respect the right our donors, including:

  • the right to be kept updated on the work to which you have donated to and made possible
  • the right to privacy
  • the right to your personal information not being passed on to third parties
  • the right to be removed from mailing lists at any time

While we will respect your privacy, we encourage all our members and supporters to be vocal about supporting us. After all, we’re proud of what we do, and think you should be too. That’s why you’ll see options on this website to list you as a supporter and share your actions on social media. 

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The Taxpayers' Union is governed by a Union Board. Its members are:

John Bishop - Chairman

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  • Bio: Our Chairman is John Bishop. John is a writer, speaker and business mentor. He has experience in broadcast journalism and corporate communications. John has long championed the need for NZ to improve its economic performance to keep up with other nations.
  • "Taxes should be raised efficiently and spent wisely and well. Waste, extravagance and failed policies are a dead weight for the economy and for all taxpayers."

Jordan Williams - Executive Director & Co-founder

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  • DDI: (04) 282 0301
  • Bio: Our Executive Director is Jordan Williams. Jordan is a constitutional and commercial lawyer who manages the day-to-day operations of the Union. His background is in law and accounting and in 2011 he was spokesperson for Vote for Change, a lobby group that campaigned against the retention of the MMP electoral system.
  • "There are thousands of groups, often taxpayer funded, that argue for more money to be taken from Kiwis to fund pet projects. The Taxpayers' Union balance the debate. We argue that value for money is more sensible than tax, spend and hope policies dreamed up by politicians."

David Farrar - Co-founder

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  • Blog:
  • Bio: David is a well known political blogger and commentator. David also owns and manages the specialist polling agency Curia Market Research and has an active involvement in Internet issues. He is an experienced political campaigner and former parliamentary staffer.
  • "I helped form the New Zealand Taxpayers Union because I believe that New Zealand needs a lobby group to stand up for the rights of taxpayers and ratepayers, and fight against those who treat them as a never ending source of funds."

Gabrielle O'Brien - Board member

  • Email:
  • Bio: Gabrielle is a sales executive and specialises in analytical and big data solutions for the financial and telecommunications sectors. Prior to working in the private sector she managed clients in the public sector where she developed a passion for evidence based decision making.
  • "Cutting government spending and cutting the tax take doesn’t need to compromise outcomes. It’s about having a smarter public service."
Our team

Jim Rose - Research Fellow

  • Twitter:
  • Bio: Jim Rose has worked at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Department of Labour, the Ministry of Social Development, and the New Zealand Treasury, and in Canberra for the Productivity Commission, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Department of Finance. Jim has Masters degrees in economics and in public policy from the Australian National University and from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo respectively. He blogs at
  • "A lot of money would be saved by taxpayers if bureaucrats always had to put forward "Lilley’s option" — the option of doing nothing — whenever there is a problem or a crisis."

Mac Mckenna - Economist

  • Email:
  • Bio: Mac is our part-time economist. He has an Honours in Economics (First Class) and a Bachelor of Commerce in economics and finance from Victoria University of Wellington. He is also close to completing his Masters in economics. Mac is from the Wairarapa and assists in producing reports and analysis across the Taxpayers' Union campaigns.
  • "A more efficient public sector would result in greater economic freedoms for New Zealanders. Good public policy should always put the returns to taxpayers above excessive demands for bureaucracy."

Matthew Rhodes - Researcher

  • Email:
  • Bio: Matthew (Matt) is one of our part-time researchers and is close to completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in political science and history at Victoria University of Wellington. Matt is from Christchurch and helps with our Official Information requests and communications. 
  • "Working at the Taxpayers' Union has not only opened my eyes to the wasteful spending of government organisations, it has also shown me that organisations will do anything to conceal the fact of that waste. We are committed to holding government organisations to account."

Abigail Bridges - Research Intern

  • Email:
  • Bio: Abigail (Abi) is one of our part-time research interns and is studying toward her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce and Administration at Victoria University in Wellington. Abi is from Auckland, and also assists with the administration of our sister organisation, the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance.
  • "Working at the Taxpayers’ Union has taught me never to be surprised at the extent to which government agencies will waste our money."

Is This You?

We are always on the lookout for great additions to our team. Do you enjoy politics and want to be part of a growing movement? Do you agree with the objectives of the Taxpayers' Union? Our ability to hire staff depends on our success in fundraising, the support from members and our current workload. A background in politics, communication, law, accounting, economics or finance is an advantage. If this sounds like you, send your CV and a cover letter to

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