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NEW POLL: Strong support across all demographics for Māori Wards to be decided by local referenda

A new Taxpayers’ Union – Curia poll has revealed that a majority of New Zealanders believe that the final decision maker on the introduction or disestablishment of Māori Wards should be local voters via a referendum as opposed to local mayors and councillors.

Voters were asked: “Who should be the final decision maker on the introduction or disestablishment of Māori wards and constituencies on local councils? Local mayors and councillors or local voters in a referendum.”

58% of respondents believed local voters should be the final decision maker while just 23% believed it should be left to local mayors and councillors. The remaining 19% were unsure.

The full polling report can be found here.

Commenting on the poll, Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“This poll makes it clear that voters across the political spectrum believe that fundamental changes to the rules of how politicians are elected should be decided by the people, not politicians.

“Labour Party MPs, such as Willie Jackson, have been vocal in arguing against this proposal, claiming voters don’t want it. But this poll shows that even among Labour supporters there is strong support for local community decision making via referenda. Labour Party voters were 51% to 25% in favour of local voters having final say on the issue, as were a majority or plurality of voters in all other parties.

“The arrogance of some mayors, councillors and LGNZ is staggering. They don’t trust local voters to decide what’s best for them and their communities. The Government can take comfort in knowing that the people of New Zealand are behind them on this issue and should continue working to reverse Labour’s hijacking of local democracy as soon as possible.”

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