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Membership policy

Membership of the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union Incorporated (“Taxpayers’ Union”) is open to any individual who supports the broad aims and objectives of the Taxpayers’ Union.

The fee for membership shall be set by the board of the Taxpayers’ Union. Currently this is $5.00 (including GST) per year for individuals.

Members and supporters are free to disclose their membership or support of the Taxpayers’ Union as they see fit. The Taxpayers’ Union will not disclose the identity of its member or supporters, except as required by law, or where the member/supporter consents.

Members and supporters are encouraged to donate to the Taxpayers’ Union to finance its operations and campaigns.

The board of the Taxpayers’ Union is responsible for the activities of the Taxpayers’ Union and shall select and direct any campaign that the Taxpayers’ Union chooses to undertake or not to undertake.

The Board of the Taxpayers’ Union in its sole discretion shall have the right to refuse membership to, or to cancel the membership of, any person consistent with the rules of the Taxpayers’ Union registered with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.