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Petition: Don’t ticket the innocent, keep the 10km/h speed tolerance

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Every motorist has accidentally crept a few km/h over the posted speed limit.  Even using cruise control will see cars drift up when going down a hill.  But the Police have announced that they are introducing a zero tolerance policy that will see thousands of New Zealanders fined for going only one or two kms over the posted limit.  Police Minister Stuart Nash needs to stop this nasty revenue grab.

Petition: The Government and the Police should stick with the 10km/h speed tolerance so that innocent motorists aren't used as cash cows for accidental speed incursions.

Who's signing

Jyles McKinney
Junzhe Chai
lee ashton
Garrick Andrews
Guan Rocky
Kent Smith
Tony Stuart
Ryan Kelly
Carol Lewis
Susanne Poulos
kelvin m.
Gray Bartlett
WebScale Webster
Mary Boin
Dragi Matic
David Ireland
❌ Allan Grant
Hans Weekers
Herman Roodt
Dietmar Dyck
Mutley 90210
Leon Chapman
Richard Drake
20,000 signatures

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