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Petition: no more taxpayer funding of Clinton Foundation

New Zealand Government set to give Clinton Foundation another $5.5 million of taxpayers' money

hillary-clinton.jpgThis week the Taxpayers' Union revealed that the new Government is set to continue taxpayer-funded payments to the controversial Clinton Foundation affiliate, the "Clinton Health Access Initiative". $5.5m will be given in 2018/19. This is on top of the $8million already forked out. Click here to read the details.

We say that NZ Aid money should be going to programmes which are the most effective at helping the world’s poor and not sidetracked into political objectives. Given the controversy of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, surely there are better organisations to distribute our aid.

"We call on the Foreign Affairs Minister to veto MFAT's decision to give another $5.5 million of NZ Aid money to the Clinton Foundation's 'Health Access Initiative'."

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Mary Meechan
Debbie Wilson
Wayne Clifford-Marsh
Rosemary Bonda
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Mary Webster
Tungane Brown
Barry Knutson
Geoff Lye
Rick Malkin
Cathy Soto
Wayne Hawker
Zane Williams
Susan Clarke
Deborah Bower
Geoff Durham
Jan McGhee
Scott Simôn
Carol Roberts
Carol Roberts
Carol Roberts
Carol Roberts
Elena Voltman
Elena Voltman
Elena Voltman
Alexander Chekurov
Jared Ayton
Lilith Jones
James Riley
Alana Willetts
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