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Fair Tax for Savers

This afternoon in partnership with Age Concern, Consumer NZ and the Financial Services Council, we launched the 'Fair Tax for Savers' campaign in Wellington.


Campaign supporters

What is the Fair Tax for Savers Campaign asking for?

We're calling on politicians to remove the over-taxation of long term savings, specifically:

  • the effective tax rate paid on KiwiSaver funds to be the same as the marginal income tax rates KiwiSavers would pay on their other income; and 

  • term deposits to be taxed only on the real interest rate (actual interest rate less the rate of inflation) rather than the nominal interest rate (the actual interest you receive) as the compensation for inflation is not really economic income. 

The campaign involves inserting more than 120,000 post cards in print media for readers to complete and send to MPs. The first insertions were made this morning.

Support the campaign

Please take a few moments to visit and email a postcard to your local MP asking for fairer taxes on savings.

Taxpayers' Union
Taxpayers' Union