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Pre-budget analysis from the Taxpayers' Union: What we're looking for.

This morning our Executive Director, Jordan Williams was interviewed on TV3's Firstline on what we hope to see in today's budget.

Click below for video on demand.

Caution needed after surplus - Tax Union 3News - 15/05/2014

The Government is being urged to keep a tight lid on new spending as it delivers its first surplus in six years.
With a wafer thin surplus set to be announced today, Taxpayers Union executive director Jordan Williams says National should focus on paying back debt.

"There should be some prioritisation before politicians create new ways to spend our money," he says.

"When there is a surplus that should be used to pay back Government debt and give back money to the Kiwis that earned it."

The Government should also put an end to "unfair" corporate welfare, Mr Williams says.

"One of the things the Taxpayers Union is really focussed on is Government welfare – millions of dollars picking winners in the commercial sector – we say that's unfair to New Zealanders to divvy out money to the selected few."

Putting an end to corporate "subsidies" would help get the Government books back to pre-Global Financial Crisis levels, says Mr Williams.

"When we entered the GFC the books were in good shape.  What we now need to focus on – especially after Christchurch – is getting the books back into good shape in case we hit some more turbulence." 

Taxpayers' Union
Taxpayers' Union