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More than two thirds of New Zealanders say no to more tax and spend this election year

In case you missed it, the Fairfax Media/Ipsos Poll published on Saturday shows that New Zealanders do not support new tax and spend policies. Of the 1018 people asked, 69.4% opposed raising taxes to pay for new spending this election year. Responding to the poll on behalf of the Taxpayers’ Union, Gabrielle O’Brien said:

"Politicians that go into the election with big spending promises will need to find savings elsewhere or will be punished at the ballot box."

"New Zealanders joining the Taxpayers' Union are telling us that households are already taxed too much. Politicians should be trimming public waste before increasing the tax burden."

Newstalk ZB picked up the comments and interviewed Gabrielle on Sunday morning (audio below).

Survey reveals deep resistance to idea of higher taxes Newstalk ZB - 16/02/2014

The Taxpayers' Union is encouraged by a survey which shows deep opposition to tax hikes, to pay for new Government spending.

The Fairfax poll shows nearly 70 percent of people are against paying more tax to fund election promises.

Spokeswoman Gabrielle O'Brien says politicians will need to sit up and take notice.

"Given that we are in election year the political Parties need to be very careful as they're drafting their policies about the cost of those because people don't have an appetite to be paying more."

Ms O'Brien says people just don't have the appetite to pay more.

"They need to be considerate that these things are going to cost money. Where is that money going to come from and is that money going to come from increasing taxes or is that going to come from reducing services elsewhere, or should it come from, as we believe, more sensible spending."


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