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2021 Ratepayers’ Report released, methodology explained

The New Zealand Taxpayers' Union has today published the 2021 edition of Ratepayers' Report – online local government league tables – at www.ratepayersreport.nz With these league tables, New Zealanders can easily compare their local council’s performance and financial position for 2019/20 against others. Setting out more than two thousand data points, the Ratepayers' Report provides transparency for ratepayers, and...

Op-ed: Sir Tim – What would you say you actually do here?

The following is an op-ed written by New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union Analyst Neil Miller. It is free for publication. Sir Timothy Richard Shadbolt has had a very long, often illustrious, always colourful career in local government. He famously ‘did not care where as long as he was Mayor’, which took...

Taxpayer Update: Tinder studies | SkyPath 2.0 | Fake climate protest

Radical climate plan set to be unveiled This afternoon the Climate Change Commission releases its final recommendations for the Government. Based on recent statements from the Commission Chair, they are pushing ahead with a plan to radically up-end New Zealand's economy with costly regulations. The draft plan seeks to: •  Ban...

Sky Path climate claim doesn't stack up

We were surprised to hear the Minister of Transport use climate change to try and justify his announcement to scrap other transport projects in favour of a new bike bridge over Auckland harbour. Our consulting environmental economist did this back of the envelope calculations to check whether the Minister's claims about being...

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If you know of an example of government extravagance, waste or misspending, we want to know about it! 

Often the best information comes from those inside the public service or local government. We guarantee your anonymity and your privacy. We ask for your contact details only so we can verify the information. We will usually use the information you provide to seek details under the Official Information Act from the relevant government department or council. To report government waste, you can use the form on this page or email [email protected].

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We are New Zealanders who have formed a union to stand up for hardworking New Zealand taxpayers. We represent the common interests of all taxpayers and aim to become New Zealand's largest union.

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The Taxpayers' Union stands for value for money for government spending. We want our politicians spending money as if they'd worked as hard the taxpayers who earned it and argue that new taxes should only be introduced when there are equal decreases in other taxes. We believe in a fair and efficient tax system. We are not a political party, nor are we aligned to any.

We promote sensible restraint of government expenditure by:

  • Scrutinising government spending;
  • publicising government waste;
  • Arguing for an end to corporate and union welfare; and
  • promoting and efficient tax system.

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Joining the Taxpayers' Union costs only $25 and entitles you to attend our annual conference, AGM and other events.


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Tip Line

Often the best information comes from those inside the public service or local government. We guarantee your anonymity and your privacy.